Only noodle made from 100% non-GMO durum flour are used, while keeping your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in check with our low-GI ingredients.

Use only meticulously selected ingredients, while infusing the classic flavors of Asia into every dish. It is almost as if our gourmet food took you to a trip abroad by your tongue.

We believe meals can be healthy and flavorful at the same time. Whether a dish is sweet, sultry, sour, spicy, or somewhere in between, the rich and diverse flavors can satisfy your palette while good for your health.

Homemade bread made from the northern European-imported flour are also available.

In this uncertain time, we insist on using top-quality ingredients to prepare our dishes. Natural, pure and guardianship is our motto, so we ensure that every bite is both delicious and healthy.

No.471, Zhongmei St., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Take Highway #1 and get off at Exit 178. Continue on Taiwan Boulevard towards downtown for about 10 minutes until you see the SOGO Taichuang Department Store on our right, then make a right turn on Zhongmei St. and continue for 30 meters.
Take the bus 300/302/303/304/323 express bus at the Taichung Train Station, and get off at the SOGO Taichung stop. It’s a three-minute walk from the bus stop to the hotel.